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Day 2: 11:47pm: Hoisted by my own Petard!

November 4, 2012

“Chump change”, I said.
“Stuff the Goose”, I said.

Well, I’m eating those words now.
It would seem that trying to cram 150 million rows into the fact table in my pseudo-data warehouse did not agree with my disk drive.

I started the data generation job, using Red Gate’s SQL Data Generator (which is a great tool; this is clearly the carpenter’s fault, to use the analogy), and then went off to the gym, had a shower, grabbed a bite to eat, etc. I sat back down to work, and wasn’t paying attention to growing size of my data and log files. I was making progress in SSMS writing some basic MDX, but was eventually harangued to the point of interruption by the low disk space warnings, and subsequent fallout from having no space on my C:\ drive. And so I had to abort my MDX fun and take some action. I spent more time than I would have liked to undoing the damage, but can’t help but laugh at my predicament.

Tomorrow the PASS Summit 2012 begins, and I’ve got a full-day session with Brian and Devin Knight on Building a SQL Server 2012 BI Platform, which should be great. I’ll find some time after all that to post my thoughts on MDX – assuming my laptop is still in working order and I haven’t blown everything up.

This wouldn’t be fun if it was all a piece of cake, right?

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